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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Ideas for organizing an essay

How to write an essay? Best tips to write it effectively

An essay judges abilities of a student in many ways. It tests the writing skills, critical thinking and the credibility of putting thoughts into words. It is underrated as a monotonous writing clearly limited to submitting it as an assignment.
If we know the right way of organizing an essay and bring clarity to it, it can become a great way to express writing too. Organizing an essay is also considered a skill that needs to be learned.

Reasons for organizing an essay:
The ultimate goal of writing an essay is to inform readers about the content being written. There are several reasons as to why organizing an essay becomes important. Some of them are:

1.It becomes clear to understand the topic
2.Readability of the essay increases
3.Proper structure of an essay makes it look presentable
4.The elements of the essay are largely depicted
5.Helps in stating the opinions strongly

Top 10 tips for organizing an essay

To organize an essay or outline an essay, it requires keen mind and few tips that need to be followed rightly. Here are few of tricks that will help in organizing an essay in a better way.

1.Collect the data to start writing:
 Basic criteria for writing an essay is to collect the data required before writing them. This will allow expanding on those points into a good content. 

2.Planning before writing:
An essay should not be started off immediately after data is collected, there must be a planned approach toward writing it properly. Essays written from the scratch are planned ahead of time, which is why they are of better quality compared to others.

3.Splitting the content:
The content being written must be split up into sub-parts so that it is lucid to read and understand. 
They are usually divided into three parts.
Each subpart plays a significant role thereby bringing clarity to the topic being written.

4.Transitional sentences which connect the essay together:
A transition between each subpart (as stated earlier) will bind an essay together. These transitional sentences are very crucial which has the power to keep the readers engaged with reading.

5.Revise the content:
To revise an essay, it does not necessarily have to be done after finishing it. Proofreading occurs in every stage of an essay. Hence at each step, the content must go well with the idea to be presented.

6.Content with arguments and subordinate points:
In the body section, there might 3 or more paragraphs. Each paragraph is an important aspect as it will have strong arguments associated with the topic being written.
Supportive subordinate points add tone to the arguments being presented.

7.Using more of illustrations and examples:
It is a critical aspect which makes the quality of an essay rise up. While organizing an essay, there must be an inclusion of illustrations, strong reasons, and examples which will explain the content in a better manner.

8.Organizing an essay into a five paragraph essay:
A five paragraph essay is regarded as a model to write best essays. This template is followed most commonly in all the universities.

It becomes easy to read the essay if the content is broken down into paragraphs, with each section clearly mentioning the arguments. 

9.Developing a thesis statement:
A thesis statement is the one which focuses on the idea of a topic being written. Developing a thesis statement is a crucial part of an essay. It is an essential component for describing and taking an essay forward. 

10.Describing the content with facts:
Facts are the truth that none can deny. Including those in an essay brings depth to it. Content written with facts are more readable and hence has a better approach towards the targeted audience. 

These are few of the ideas which will help in organizing an essay

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