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Monday, 1 May 2017

Top survey websites to earn money while studying

What are the best paying online survey websites?

Who does not like making some extra cash while studying? We all have made few tries to earn money in some or the other (legit) ways at least for pocket money.
Instead of being worried about how to earn money, there are few legitimate websites online which will help in earning money. These are the online surveys which have to be completed. The surveys can vary from website to website but the primary thing to be considered is to fill the details honestly and accurately.
Here we present top 7 legit survey websites which are helpful to earn money while studying.

Top 7 survey websites to earn money while studying


Website name:

Payout threshold: 50$

Payout via: PayPal, Gift cards, charity donations

Review: Globaltestmarket is a giant survey website which has established itself with the legitimate surveys it has to offer. Each survey will get you points ranging from 10-300. They also have sweepstake entries which can draw huge amount via lottery system.
This is one of the rarest survey website which can be trusted for earning money online. Though you cannot make a living out of it but definitely will help you to pay off the bills.

Ratings: We rate it 4.5 out of 5 for its pattern of conducting surveys and rewarding system.


Website name:

Payout threshold: 30000 points

Payout via: Gift cards, prizes

Review: Another accredited website which is brought by the Toluna group is a legit survey website which pays you for the simple survey questions that you answer. For every survey that is participated, you can earn 3000-5000 points. With the threshold of 30000 points it will not take much time to earn the gift cards and the prizes offered by various brands.  

Ratings: We rate it 4 out of 5 for its pattern of conducting surveys and rewarding system.


Website name:

Payout threshold: 15$

Payout via: PayPal

Review: It is one of the interesting website which lets you earn money quite for every view or a point; quite literally. This websites honours every view and opinion of yours and may be that is the reason every survey that you complete do not get screened out like most other websites.
The money that gets accumulated for each survey ranges from 0.3$ to 0.5$. It not only increases the amount but increases the trait score as well. The time to reach the threshold may be little slower when compared to others but with time, this is one of the reliable survey site to trust upon.

Ratings: We rate it 4 out of 5 for its pattern of conducting surveys and rewarding system.


Website name:

Payout threshold: 5$

Payout via: Cash, vouchers, rewards

Review: Ever wondered that even watching videos can help you earn money? Yes! Swagbucks is one such website which is very popular among youth. It is popular because it gives way for earning money via taking surveys, playing games and watching videos. Here the points that you get are called SB. It is one of the fastest way to earn money.
One of the unique features to earn money is download swagbucks toolbar, it is associated with Yahoo search engine where you can increase SB by searching on the web! How cool is that!

Ratings: We rate it 4.7 out of 5 for its pattern of conducting surveys and rewarding system.


Website name:

Payout threshold: 10$

Payout via: Paypal, vouchers, amazon cards

Review: Opinionworld is a trustworthy website which has been people’s favourite ever since they have started their market research. It is a simple to use website with simple rules. For every survey that you take, you will be assured with points which later on will get converted to either cash or gifts as per your choice.

Ratings: We rate it 4.8 out of 5 for its pattern of conducting surveys and rewarding system.


Website name:

Payout threshold: 20$

Payout via: Paypal, vouchers, gift cards

Review: Valuedopinions is one of the big market research group which specializes in awarding the members of its website for every survey they take. They are the genuine survey website which promptly gives true value to its members.
Each survey that is given to you will be based on geographic demographics. Hence completing the profile survey correctly becomes important. 

Ratings: We rate it 4.2 out of 5 for its pattern of conducting surveys and rewarding system.


Website name:

Payout threshold: 10$

Payout via: Paypal, amazon vouchers and gift cards

Review: One of the easiest ways to earn money through surveys is to register to this website. It is one of the genuine website which benefits you with cash for completing simple surveys.

Ratings: We rate it 4 out of 5 for its pattern of conducting surveys and rewarding system.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How to write a synthesis essay

What are the tips to write a synthesis essay?

There are various types of essays available which gives us wealth of information. Such essays can be formal in nature or sometime informal. Some of the examples of formal essays are argumentative essay, process essay, classification essay etc. Some of the examples of informal essays are descriptive essay, narrative essays, personal essay etc.
In this article, we will have a discussion about a type of formal essay called as synthesis essay.

What is synthesis?
Before delving deep into what is synthesis essay, we will find the meaning of synthesis. The meaning of synthesis is to combine different elements to make it as one whole unit. It assembles different set of point of views as one.

What is synthesis essay?
Synthesis essay is a type of formal essay which combines different set of ideas as one in addition to your own opinions. Several sources are referred to collect information for writing a synthesis essay.

Characteristics of synthesis essay
1.Synthesis essay examines related theories
2.It reports information from different sources using of phrases and sentences

Elements of a synthesis essay

1.Thesis statement: After the information is synthesize, it must be organized well to form as a complete essay. Thesis statement is an important element which is a basic necessity while writing it. Thesis statements are set of statements which state the primary idea of an essay and bring about its importance.Here is a link on how to develop a thesis statement

2.Citations and references: Citations and references are the next important elements of an essay. These are required as synthesis essay is all about synthesizing the information available from different authentic sources.

3.Outline for an essay: Before writing an essay, an outline must be created so that it becomes easy to write it. Outlining an essay is a critical aspect which must be created with attention.

4.Transitions between each section: To keep the essay as one, there must be link build between them. Transition between each section is very important. This is achieved by including transitional sentences. 

Best ways to write a synthesis essay

1. Collect resources from reputed sources: The first step towards writing a synthesis essay is to collect information or resources from reputed sources. Several resources will lead to combining the information as one. Synthesizing the information is the most important factor.

2.Prepare an effective thesis statement: As discussed above, thesis statement is very important while writing a synthesis essay. The synthesized information must be utilized to prepare an effective thesis statement.

3.Design a structure for the essay: After preparing thesis statement, the next step is to design the structure of a synthesis essay.
The structure of an essay consists of an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section. All the sections must be given the same importance while being written. 

5.Edit your essay:  After drafting an essay, the next step is to edit is properly. Editing an essay allows in breaking the essay into parts to make it easier to correct it; if there are any errors they can be added or additional information which is not required can be discarded.

6.Proofread your essay:  The last stage of the essay is to proofread. Proofreading will allow in rectifying the silliest mistakes which should be corrected.

Example topics to write a synthesis essay

1.Essay on social media

2.Essay on terrorism

3.Essay on racism

4.Essay on nature

5.Essay on immigration

6.Essay on gender discrimination

7.Essay on education

8.Essay on honour killing

9.Essay on health hazards of eating tobacco

10.Essay on artificial engineering

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How to write a two page essay

How to effectively write a two page essay?

Essays generally have a structured format. It is necessary to have a format which helps in properly organizing the collected information. One such type of an essay is a two page essay.
A two page essay is similar to other essay but takes superior quality writing skills to present it. Here are few of the steps given which will help you to effectively write a two page essay.

Elements of a two page essay

1.Hook statements: Hook statements helps in building an essay. It is an important element which makes the readers to hook on to the essay. A sentence or a two in the introductory paragraph of an essay is suggested to be included while writing it.

2.Thesis statements: The purpose of writing thesis statement is to build link within an essay. Each section is very important. Hence it is necessary to have transition between them.
Transitions can be possible with the help of thesis statement. It is very crucial to add transition statement so that an essay becomes more readable.

3.Introduction section: The next important element of an essay is the introduction section. An introduction section must be included so that it brings the importance of the topic into limelight.
It is significant to understand that introduction section must be written only to introduce an essay. The explanation of it must be continued in the next section. This section consists of hook statements and thesis statements.

4.Body section: Body section is considered as the heart of an essay. All the important information, facts, statistics, arguments are included in this section.
The body section must consist of two or more paragraphs. Each paragraph must have subordinate points and its associated arguments.

5.Conclusion section:  The last section of an essay is the conclusion section. This section is very important as it concludes an essay giving it an appropriate end.
A convincing conclusion must be provided so that it supports the essay which is written. Conclusion is very different from writing a summary. Hence the gist of the essay must be written and not just copy the content which is written throughout.

Steps to write a two page essay

1.Research for a topic: To write a two page essay, the first to be followed is to research for a topic. There are several resources available which will help in researching for the topic.
To write a two page essay, it is required to have more content, hence only such topics should be selected which will  have more content to write further.

2.Have an in-depth analysis on the topic: Once a topic is selected, the next significant step is to have an in-depth analysis on the topic. Books, journals, citations must be referred to while researching for the topic.

           3.Organize the researched material: The third step to write a two page essay is to organize the researched material . It also means to structure the essay in a proper manner. His procedure is called the drafting of essay.

4.Put it in a structure: A structure of an essay consists of the elements that are mentioned above; they are introduction section, body section, and conclusion section. These are necessary to write so as to achieve uniformity while presenting information.

5.Know the word limit: Usually essay will not have fixed word limit as it can vary with its different types. It generally is 1000 words when it is a two page essay.

6.Mention the resources or references: If there are resources that are used while researching for a topic, it must be cited. Citations are an important part of the essay which indicates discouragement of plagiarism.

7.Edit your essay: Once drafting of an essay is completed, it must be edited thoroughly. Editing is a stage in essay writing which helps in creating a quality essay. Here is a link to know how to edit an essay.

8.Proofread your essay: The last stage of an essay is to proofread it. Proofreading occurs when all the stages of an essay are completed. It is necessary to have a last check on the write-up. This is done to  make sure that there are silly errors which will have a huge cost on the quality of it.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

How to be a good writer

Planning to become a writer? Here are tips on becoming a good one.

How to keep up with writing?

Being a writer is a blissful thing on the earth. The emotions, feelings and opinions are easily brought out with this form of art. Have you ever been fascinated by the word “writing”? Do you feel the happiness to share what you love by writing it? Then there is every chance for you to become a writer.
Now the question is how to keep with the writing? How to be a good writer? You have come to the right place! Read along to know more.

Learn to learn from fear
The first tip to become a writer is to be fearless; fearless of facing criticism; fearless of being honest and fearless to keep writing. A writer succeeds only when criticism is taken as equal as success.
There are other best traits and tips which will help in making you a better writer. As they say, a writer was not born in a day.

How to become a good writer?

1.Read and write: These are interchangeable words. Without reading, there is no writing and without writing, there is no reading. Good writers always focus on reading book; of different genres.
To write well, it is suggested to read books, analyse them and learn from them. Writing comes habitually to people who read. Once you have the habit of reading, start writing whatever you have read. Documenting what you have learned and experienced is a good way to become a writer.

2.Do not write to impress but write to express: One of the professional tip that can be given to the budding writers is to write for expressing something but not to impress.
Writing is an art and art has always been about expression of talent. Writing evolves only when writers write to express their opinions and emotions.

3.Love the quality of being patient: It takes long time to master an art. Patience is the key factor which helps in keeping up the quality.
While writing, it is important to keep patience. On the road of success, there are many obstacles; similarly for a writer, facing mistakes and criticisms are obstacles but they must be handled well with patience and hard work.

4.Practice, practice: The synonym for success for writers is to practice. Practice makes man perfect.
Writing every day will help in creating the best write-ups.

5.Pay close attention towards your choice of writing: Every writer has his/her own way of writing. They cannot be judged equally. You must learn from each writing style simultaneously paying attention to your own.Comparing and contrasting this way will help in improvising your writing skills.

6.Write down new ideas and prompts every time: One of the best ways to improve writing and thereby becoming a good writer is to write new ideas and prompts.
Developing those ideas and prompts into best write-up should be the main agenda for a writer. Writing different types and different kinds will be the challenging task that every writer should cope up with. 

7.Experiment your writing : The real challenge for a writer is to bring variety into his/her write up. Experimenting with different genres will help in knowing your writing style in a better way.
Switching from horror to romance and to light hearted comedy is the real task which will help in improving the writing skills.

8.Keep an eye on the type of voice: Voice in the writing plays an important role. There are two kinds of voice; active voice and passive voice. Active voice is the most preferable one as it showcases energy and emotion in a direct way.
There are certain cases where passive voice must also be utilized. In such cases, preference must be given to the indirect tone and voice called passive voice. Normally academic writing adopts such style ( but now most of the universities encourage students to use active voice while writing the assignments). 

9.Rewrite an old write-up: This method helps in improving your writing skills. Keep the practice of writing on an everyday basis so that the old ones can be revisited and edited once in a while.

10.Improve your vocabulary: To improve writing, vocabulary must be improved; it is indirectly proportional. Vocabulary of any language has its own importance and greatness; this must be admired and read.
There are several ways to improve vocabulary, follow a similarlink.

11.Choose a calm place to write; set the ambience right: The environment around us affects the writing. Hence choosing a calm place will help in setting the ambience right.Quiet places tend to generate more ideas.

12.Write honestly: Honesty is the key for successful writing. Whenever you are writing, there must be honesty brought which will automatically  reflect in your writing.

13.Give importance every word written: Each word that is written must be given equal importance. Hence words must be learned and perfected.

14.Improve on the grammar but don’t overdo it: Sentence structure, grammar rules are few of the syntaxes available for the creative people. These must be learned religiously as they matter for a good write up.
Care must be taken not to overdo the lessons hampering the creativity.

15.Plan to write: The last that can be given is to plan to write. This is one of the best tips that can be given as a writer must be able to organize the content that has been written.

These are few of the tips that can help you in becoming a better writer. Remember, a struggle for a day will last for a day, but an experience from that struggle will remain for a lifetime. 

Monday, 10 April 2017

How to write a good answer for an essay in exam

How to write a good answer for an essay in an exam in order to score well?

How much ever prepared we are, we do get nervous by the name of exams. It is a stressful situation which crack’s everyone’s nerves.
Writing an essay in the exam specifically requires great amount of practise and in-depth knowledge on the topic that is to be written. It is crucial to write the best essay within the specified time. How to write a good answer for an essay to score well? How to bring the best out of an essay? Here we have brought easiest tips that can be used while writing an essay in the exam.

Best tips to write a good answer for an essay

1.Understand the question: To write a good answer, it is necessary to understand the question posed. Take up 10 minutes to read the question, understand it and plan on what can be written.
There are various instances where the answer has been written brilliantly but fails or gets lowest grades because the question is misinterpreted. Hence clearly knowing a question is an important aspect.

2.Formulate an answer in your mind: Once the question is understood, an answer for it must be formulated. There must be answers that must be thought of which can be included while writing it for the final version. 
If a rough paper is provided, it must be utilized to jot down certain important points so that they can be utilized while writing an answer.

3.Take a break in between while writing: To produce a high quality essay, having breaks in between is a must. This will allow the mind to relax and have better ideas towards writing a good answer.

4.Plan to write before writing it: The key point is to plan something that is to be executed. While writing a good answer for an essay, it must be planned neatly.

5.Focus on the topic: Care must be taken not to go off the topic while writing an essay. Focusing on the topic is always the mainstream element of an essay.

6.Have all the researched points ready: Before an answer is written, it should be made sure that the points or content has been well-researched.
Some academic essays such as argumentative essay, expository essay must have proper evidence so that they do not confer to wrong information or a fact.

7.Be fearless to place your opinion: An essay should be described in your own words with description, you must be fearless to place your opinions in such cases. The motive of an essay is to inform the readers the facts, information and the opinions which can bring huge change and in a broader sense. 

8.Write with fluency:  It should be noted that there must good vocabulary and fluent use of language that must be adhered to. Writing skills are very important while writing an essay in the exam.

9.Organize your time: It is very essential to organize the time properly to each section. With practice, it can be mastered. There might be chances that only one section of an essay gets high priority while the others are written in a hurry.

10.Answer to the question posed:  The question that is posed must be answered directly without any hustle or confusion. It is very important to frame answer according to the question that is asked.

11.Underline the important keywords: Once an essay is written, it is mandatory to underline or highlight important keywords.
These keywords will help in defining the essay’s content and also mark its important element.

12.Make use of quotations which makes it believable: Adding quotations in an essay will help in making it look more real and will have more impact towards the examiner’s eyes.

13.Give justice to the points equally: Each point that is mentioned in an essay must hold equal importance. Justice must be given to each of them so that it uplifts the quality of it.

14.Review your answers: An essay after being completed must be reviewed, Reviewing it will help in refining its quality and also will have an eagle’s eye on the errors if any.

15.Include illustrations: Illustrations, anecdotes must be included while writing an answer so that they will bring a new dimension to the answer written. 

These are few of the tips that will help you in writing a good answer for an essay in the exam

Monday, 3 April 2017

How to use active voice in an essay

How to write a perfect essay using active voice?

An essay’s primary motive or intention is to communicate the information in a lucid manner. In order to achieve this,there are various grammatical techniques that must be used. One of them is the effective use of active voice.

What is active voice?
Active voice is the set of words which indicate an action. It is usually a verb which shows a subject performing an action. Active voice is used in most of the non-scientific writing. It is nothing but a subject of a sentence which becomes doer of the action.

Examples of active voice:
1.She is doing the work.
2.I gave a chocolate bar to her.
3.Sam broke the glass.
4.She finished the reporting.
5.I drive a car.

These are few of the examples of active voice where a subject represents an action being performed.
Here the highlighted words are the verbs which suggest that an action is being performed.

Changing it to passive voice:
1.The work is being done by her.
2.A chocolate was given to her by me.
3.A glass was broken by Sam.
4.The reporting was finished by her.
5.A car is driven by me.

In passive voice, the sentences will have an action that gets acted upon. Hence there is no action performed directly.

Why should active voice be used?
Here are few strong reasons mentioned as to why active voice must be used while writing.

1.Using active voice will help in delivering energy and directness.
2.It gives lesser complication to understand therefore meaning of the content can be grasped easily.
3.It gives concise meaning leading to accuracy.
4.It closely resembles the spoken language hence makes it easier to relate and understand content in a better way.
5.Active voice uses more of informal procedures which will induce reader’s interest to read more. 

Difference between active voice and passive voice

Active voice: Active voice is a set of words which shows some action being performed.
Passive voice: Passive voice is a set of words which shows some action which is being acted upon.

2.The tone:
Active voice: Active voice gives a personal tone to the writing.
Passive voice: Passive voice gives an impersonal tone to the writing.

Active voice: Active voice is used in most of the non-scientific writing (but most of the academic writing now accepts active voice)
Passive voice: Passive voice is used in most of the scientific writing.

4.Grammatical person:
Active voice: Active voice uses first person while it is being written. So
me of the examples of first person are “I”, “me” etc. It indicates directness.
Passive voice: Passive voice uses third person and there is less use of first person like “I”, “me”.

5.Length of the content:
Active voice: The length of the content being written considerably is less when compared to the writing when written using passive voice.
Passive voice:  The length of the content is more and makes the text look complicated.

How to use active voice in an essay? 

1.Transitive verbs in active voice: Transitive verbs are the verbs which require object. Examples of transitive verbs are: played, killed, hit, cleaned, etc.
How to use transitive verb in active voice?
The hunter killed the lion.
They were invited to the party.
For more information, click on this link.

2.Indirect object: Indirect objects are the nouns or pronouns which indicate to whom or for whom the action is being performed.
I gave a book for him on the New Year’s Eve.
She received the gift through the courier today.

3.Using phrasal verbs: Phrasal verbs are the phrases that consists of  a verb with another element.
The brave woman came forward with a agenda for helping the poor.
They all planned for a get together.

4.Imperative sentences: Imperative sentences are those sentences which give instructions or command.
Turn the lights off!
Wait! Don’t go there

5.Infinitives and gerunds: Gerunds are any form in verb+ing form whereas infinitives are any form in to+base verb
We enjoyed the sunset. (Gerund)
He is practising tennis. (Gerund)
He decided to move to a new place (Infinitive)
I would like to thank everyone (Infinitive)

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

How to write a scholarship essay

Essential things to consider while writing a scholarship essay

Essay is a piece of writing which is a means of communication for informing the targeted audience. There are different kinds of essays; written for various purpose.

1.Narrative essay, descriptive essay are written to entertain readers.

2.Persuasive essay, argumentative essay are written to inform readers with facts and statistics.

3.Expository essays are written to guide people through the problems they have.

There is another category of essay which is written in order to get scholarships. Such essay are called scholarship essay. 

Why is such essay important?

Scholarship essay is important for securing scholarships. It is now a chosen parameter which is helpful in judging a student’s ability. It is helpful for students as: 

1.A student’s individual personality can be assessed.

2.It helps in checking a student’s writing and grammar skills.

3.It helps in distinguishing a candidate’s performance from the other.

4.The thought process and critical thinking of a student develops.

Points to note down while writing a scholarship essay
1.Read all the instructions carefully before writing

2.Always prepare before hand and avoid last minute preparations

3.Be creative while writing a scholarship essay

4.Have a background or a theme for your essay

5.Adhere to formatting styles.

10 ways to write a successful scholarship essay 

1.It should be unique: A scholarship essay is an opportunity provided for students to prove their credibility in securing that scholarship.  Hence essay must be unique and should portray individuality and unique things about you. Out of thousands of applicants, your essay must stand out, to be the one, you must be unique.

2.Must be focused on the topic chosen: Focusing on the topic will helping in creating a unique essay. Therefore, with the topic that is provided or chosen must be written with details.

3.Must include the structure of an essay:  Like every has its own structure, a scholarship essay must also adhere to a particular structure.
Generally, five paragraph essay format is followed to write down a scholarship essay. It must include an introduction section, a body section and a conclusion section with other necessary elements such as hook statements, thesis statements.

4.Use concise and simple language: An opportunity to get a scholarship for pursuing higher studies is lost by most of the students because of a common blunder; using high-end vocabulary.
The strategy of following simple and concise language will always help in writing a better essay. This must be followed to write a winning essay.

5.Add a personal touch to it: “Be yourself”  is probably the most commonly heard phrase. This is applicable while writing a scholarship essay too.

The purpose of writing it is to prove your credibility and worth to secure the scholarship. Each person comes with positive and negative things. These must be a strike of balance in an essay portraying the way you are. Hence adding a personal touch to your essay becomes necessary. 

6.Check on the grammar: Grammatical skills and punctuation styles are two important elements that need to be considered while an essay is written. Not having these or lacking these skills will degrade the meaning and essence of your essay.

7.Have conversational hooks: Having hooks in your essays will engage the readers to your essay. These hook statements must be included in the introductory section to induce interest towards reading.

8.Edit it well: Once the essay is written, it must be edited several times. Editing is an art which comes by practice.

9.Proofread the essay: The last stage of writing an essay is to proofread it well. Proofreading is required in order have the last check on the essay which is written. Silliest mistakes which were not noticed should be corrected, revised before it gets published.

10.Length of essay: Abiding by the rules of writing an essay, it must stick to the length that has been specified. It is also one of the parameters for filtering an essay which crosses the upper limit of word count.

These are few of the tips that must be considered while writing a scholarship essay