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Monday, 27 March 2017

Typos in essays and how to avoid them

How to avoid typos in an essay?

It becomes frustrating when an essay gets completed but is full of typos.From a novice writer to somebody who is professional everyone will have a bad experience in dealing with these typos. What are typos anyway?

Typos are nothing but typographical errors and silly grammatical mistakes that tend to get unnoticed when they are written. Though there can be corrected by a spellchecker while being written on a computer, they can exist anyway. How do we overcome this? How can typos in an essay be eliminated? 

Here are few of the simple process which can be used to correct the typos.  

10 Habits of people who rectify the typos in their essays

1.Do back reading: To identify the typos in an essay, do a reverse reading. Doing a reverse reading requires more concentration and patience, this way any error or spelling mistake can be easily identified and corrected too.

2.The use of spell checker: There are both advantages and disadvantages of using a spell checker.
The recent spell checker software has an autocorrect option which not only suggests correct spellings but also auto rectifies it as they get typed. This becomes an advantage as there are no worries to rectify them later on.

The disadvantage of using a spell checker is that only suggests and autocorrects which are fed to it and does not externally do something. Difference between to, two, and too cannot be corrected by it with the context.Hence there must be minimal use of spell checker.  

3.Do a slow reading: Slow reading helps in understanding an essay better and it’s context. Have a check on each word so that typos can be avoided.

4.Read along: While an essay is being proofread, it must be made into a habit or practice to differentiate between homonyms and easily confused words. This will help in reducing the typos.

5.Repition of words: There are situations when the same word gets typed twice by mistake. This can cause great damage to an essay. To avoid this, such word must be deleted.

6.Read the words aloud:  Reading words in an essay aloud will help in finding the errors and to rectify them too.

7.Incorrect sentence construction: can harm meaning of an essay and destroy the whole context of an essay, in such situation it must be given a keen look. A run-on sentence should be corrected by properly providing comma at the right place.

Example: “Come let’s eat grandpa” and “Come let’s eat, grandpa” makes a lot of difference. These kinds of typos must be avoided which have grammatical and punctuational errors.

8.Take time: Time must be given in removing those typos as giving it a rest will allow to fix them.

9.Proofread: The mistakes which are not visible to you might be visible to others. Let a professional writer or proofreaders proofread your essay, this way an essay gets revised with any typos also being rectified.

10.Highlighting: For finding the mistakes highlight the text that you are going to check or proofread. The mistakes or typos will automatically get noticed that can be changed.

For example:  There are two many people in the market today.
                       There are too many people in the market today.
Highlighting helps in finding the errors quickly.

These are some of the habits that should be followed by everyone to make lesser mistakes while writing an essay.

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