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Monday, 30 January 2017

How to prepare for the first step into college?

How to prepare for the college? 

From school to college, the transition is huge. We all have gone through this. Being a freshman at the college is having the mixed feeling of anticipation, nervousness, and excitement that comes up. All students do feel the same; you will just be part of them.

How do you cope up with the environment, how will you treat the college and your friends are all the banging questions in the head when you are about to enter the college. Here we have summarized 45 such common things that you can think of while you are preparing to go to college. Nevertheless, the tips are generalized but are worth the time reading them. 

45 Handy tips to prepare for going to college

1.Getting involved in all the activities happening on the campus. With good grades, socializing is also important.

2.Attending the classes should be the agenda for joining the college.

3.Have a laptop handy wherever you go, it might be useful to copy something or store needful files.

4.Save enough for future emergencies.

5.Try to learn something new each day little by little, nothing to do with education; it is just the process of becoming a better person each day and contributing something to the world in your own way.

6.Try to adjust to the environment, adapt to the good changes let the bad ones teach you something.

7.Learn a new skill or develop a hobby which might just be your stress buster.

8.If you have any issues, resolve them at the earliest as they can be troublesome later on.

9.Getting to know your professors. It is much of networking and getting things done.

10.Try making notes when there are lectures, they are much needed for the last time preparation of exam.

11.Join different clubs and organizations. This will let you explore your skills better.

12.Try getting internships. They give valuable lessons and a penny as well.

13.Never miss a chance to present seminars and presentations.

14.Be approachable.

15.Do a part time job to cut that expenditure.

16.Tour the campus and find out all the things.

17.Have a great (good if not great) bonding with roommates; they can become your extended family.

18.Have contact number of your close friends, your family members and keep them informed about your whereabouts, they might be worried.

19.Be in your safety and  keep safety measures available always(like pepper spray)

20.Do some volunteering.

21.Go with nature save fuel, you can use bicycles instead of cars or bikes. Being environment-friendly isn’t bad.

22.Allow yourself to socialize but keep the limits.

23.Rent the books or find them online almost for free.

24.Don’t forget to travel the nearby places in the city you’re living.

25.Use the technology to the best possible. They are very useful when your dear ones aren’t around you.

26.Have a group study once in a while being sure that you haven’t missed the extra and important points that were discussed during the lectures.

27.Welcome the college days with open arms, things that you learn here are of value when you grow old.

28.Get proper sleep (Missing this can topple the plans you have for the next day)

29.Help others and ask for help if needed( they are much needed)

30.Be yourself(a very important part of college)

31.If you have any doubts, clear them.

32.A resume is important, hence should be always ready.

33.Make schedules for everything. They work magic in everyday lives.

34.Go for a walk frequently. This will release the stress.

35.Watch movies; go out with your friends once in a while.

36.Do some online courses.

37.Eat healthy food, avoid junk food.

38.Be confident.

39.Go to the library often, because everything on the internet is not true.

40.Get those assignments done in time to stop getting afraid for any delay. They are very much important for credits.

41.Learn the local language of the city you’re in.

42.Be focused on the goals.

43.Get some sports shoes and get ready to play. Sometimes just for fun.

44.Balance out the studies, meditate or take rest for some time.

45.Keep a journal and write down all the experiences. These will help you realize how much better you can be in the coming days.

These are few of the handy tips to prepare yourself for the first step into college. 

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