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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Is buying essays online plagiarism

How do I complete my essay? Can I buy them online? 

Universities and colleges rate the student’s knowledge on the basis of their assignment submitted. Thus assignment plays a major role in their life.

Now it is unanimously agreed to that in order to succeed in life, we must work hard and take the guidance of the professionals.

While writing assignments too, many students take help of the essay writing services which have now risen in demand for the excellent service that they provide for the students.

Essay writing services have now emerged as a helping hand for the students to complete their assignment within the due date. 

Is it plagiarism to buy essays online

No! Taking help from the online writing services is considered as misconduct by the universities and the colleges. Though help is taken by buying the assignments online, here we have justified on why it is not considered as plagiarism to buy essays from the writing services.

1.Original work from the writers:
It does not become plagiarism because students buy the essay from the writing services who hire professional writers to write original write ups.They start on the paper from scratch citing to several unique references to give the best service.

2.The content is bought and not copied:
It is considered as plagiarism if the work is copied from somewhere or stolen from somebody. But while buying the essays online, the work is being paid for.The writers (called ghostwriters) write the content for students from scratch.

3.Editing and Re-editing:
The content submitted by students is subject to changes.Editing and re-editing the work lets the content become unique hence there is no act of plagiarism.

4.For the reference purpose:
The content that is bought from the essay writing service is not the final work.It must be used as a reference for editing the work further. It becomes plagiarism if the student submits the work as it is when it was purchased. 

5.Work is not reused:
It becomes an act of plagiarism if the work is already submitted by others.The responsibility of the essay writing service is to give the students the original work and not to reuse the work elsewhere once submitted.

It becomes a responsibility of the students to edit the content and use it as a reference rather than submitting it to the universities and colleges as their own work.

6.No copyright policy:
Students have authority over the work because they pay for it.It becomes a copyright issue if the work is copied from somewhere or stolen from somebody.
Essay writing services hire ghostwriters to write the content.According to the policy of these writing services, once the content is sold, it cannot be used by the website anywhere else.

These are some of the valid points that have proved that buying an essay online does not become  an act of plagiarism. 

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