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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Problems that should be avoided while writing a college application essay

What are the problems while writing a college application and how to fix them? 

Though having great academic scores,enumerative achievements to be proud of, but still not able to get into your dream college; does this resemble your situation too? Chances are that most of the students face this major problem which seems to be tiny.

A college application can seem tough to write because an improper pattern is followed in general by most of them. It should not be difficult to write a winning college application essay if the following ways of writing them are avoided. Follow this article to notice the common mistakes that every substandard college application has and how to avoid them.

12 Wrong ways of writing a college application essay that must be avoided: 

1.Choosing a complex topic: The first tip for a successful essay is the right choice of a topic. Often to win the attention of a university, complex topics are chosen. This will, in turn, tend to complex the essay. Hence a topic which is easy to write and easy to understand must be chosen.

2.Showing overconfidence: There is a fine line between confidence and overconfidence. Showcasing overconfidence is a wrong way to write a college application.

Knowing the difference between these two and fine tuning an essay is more important.

3.Writing what others have written: It is a common mistake to follow what other have done. Like how one problem has many solutions, there are many ways to write a college application. Redundant theme or essay makes it repetitive and you will have slimmer chances to get accepted.

4.Not being specific:  It is a bad practice to write an essay in general because it is your essay. An essay must be written specifically including all the details; even the minute ones of yours.

5.Not being you: One of the wrong ways is that an essay is not characterized. It must be about yourself and not what others expect from you. An essay must be written keeping in mind about yourself.

6.Not knowing what to write: A university expects to know about a student in personal with the help of a college application. The only objective that it must have is to write what should be known about you to the world. 

7.Repeated theme: An essay will lose its meaning if a repeated theme is voiced. An essay which stands out from others will always have something unique about them, having something to say which is different from the rest.

8.Too much bragging:  It is great to achieve something in life. But you must be careful while adding them in your essay. Listing too much of achievements and bragging about your accomplishments will only harm your essay.

9.Getting off the topic: It is a normal tendency of writing where an essay gets in-depth, there might be chances of getting off the topic. Care must be taken not to get it into something different while writing a college application essay. 

10.Not proofread well: It is not enough if an essay has great content with all the elements in place, it is also important for it to be free from spelling errors. The essay that you have written must be proofread several times just to make sure that it has all the chances of getting selected.

11.Essays not connected well: An essay must be well connected. This means that it must have necessary hook statements, transitions between each section so that there is a logical flow in it.  

12.Rewriting a resume:  College application essay is a good opportunity given by the university to get into the college. Hence it must be unique enough to let a university know about you. Resume should not be copied in the name of college application essay. 

These are few of the wrong ways of writing a college application essay which must be avoided in order to write a splendid essay.

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