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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Ways to write an interesting essay

Expert tips to write an interesting essay

People find joy in reading good essays. Such write-ups have well-gathered information and a knack of good writing which makes it interesting to read. Inducing interest to read something from the start till the end is challenging task.

It is not difficult to research on a topic, but it takes a skilled writer to write convincingly with the already present information. 

What makes an essay look so presentable? How can an essay be made more interesting?

 Here is a glimpse on how a normal essay can be turned into one with more tone added to it. 

15 secrets of writing the best essay:

1.Develop interest and create it:
The basic requirement to writing an essay is to develop an interest first. The writer must first have an interest towards the topic to be written. Only then, an interest can be created in reader’s mind.

2.Adapting to style:
Essay has different types. Based on the type, the writing style differs. For example, if it is an argumentative essay, it uses a formal tone; more of facts, statistics must be used to convince the readers to continue reading.

If a descriptive or narrative essay is being written, emotions are to be expressed. To gather more interest towards reading, informal expressions are to be expressed.  

3.Induce unique writing:
Each writer has their unique style of expressing opinions. Some find it easier to narrate a tale in a better way than writing facts and statistics, while some have confidence in putting up scientific information in a better way. Writing style must be adopted according to the situation and type in which is being written.

4.Create a background for essay:

An essay must have a background added to it. A background helps in creating a beautiful composition which by itself is sufficient to engage readers into it.

5.Active voice:
It is required to keep the writing in an active voice. This helps in building rapport with readers. It builds more of an expression while information is being emoted.

Active voice sentences are to be used as much as possible bringing clarity and quality into an essay,

6.It must have an opinion:
An essay’s primary intention is to inform readers about something. Great essays gather success because they have an opinion in them which is either for the topic or against it.

Opinions formed in the essay will help in knowing more about the context being discussed. 

7.Simple words:
The most commonly uncommon strategy used by writers while writing an essay is to use complex and difficult terms, which nevertheless helps.

Scientific writing does require the use of complex terms, but certainly can be expressed in a simple form. Using difficult words will increase the complexity to understand even basic concepts thereby decreasing reader’s interest.

8.Illustrating concepts easily:
 A complex concept must be illustrated with ease. It takes an intelligent writer to write using such words which helps in bringing parity to the content being delivered.

9.Must not be predictive:
Each section in an essay promotes unique information with regards to the topic being written, the transition between each section should not be predictive but engaging enough to carry forward the information keeping quality of substance intact.

Essays must be not written with clich├ęs but rather hold the juice of content as much possible till it finishes.

10.Hold to context:
Certain essays which have vast content to be delivered in a single context often get deviated from the topic. This is because it written in a way where the context is branched to different context thereby creating a confusion to readers.

Expert writers, make sure that essay being written gets the right amount of importance it requires with subordinate information supplementing it.

11.Shape the content properly :
Content gets clarity only when it is organized into a proper format. Shaping up the essay in a specific format (such as a five paragraph essay) will let the reader find it easy to read and catch onto the substance being provided.

12.Create a hook statement which hooks the readers:
Building a hook statement for an essay contributes a large part of success for it. Hook statement(s) are written for the purpose of attaining interest over the topic. It takes forward the content to other sections meanwhile holding the essence.

Writers are stressed to write a hook statement in a creative manner to induce readers into reading the whole essay.

13.Concentrating on the cause and effect:
An essay is a well-organized one when it neatly describes the events (content) in a cause and effect manner. The causes are put together at the initial stage which has to flow till the end drawing results or effects to it. Such writing will increase the readability and quality of it.

14.Editing skills:
Sharpening an essay becomes necessary if it has to be made a perfect one. To refine an essay, it must be edited twice, thrice or even more. Editing in itself is a process hence takes more skills than creativity.

15.Have break points:
A structure for an essay is important; with it, there must also be break points in each of its section which holds on the content enough to create interest into further reading.
The secret to a successful essay is breaking the complexity having break points in them. 

These are few of the ways mentioned which can be useful in creating an interesting essay.

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