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Monday, 10 April 2017

How to write a good answer for an essay in exam

How to write a good answer for an essay in an exam in order to score well?

How much ever prepared we are, we do get nervous by the name of exams. It is a stressful situation which crack’s everyone’s nerves.
Writing an essay in the exam specifically requires great amount of practise and in-depth knowledge on the topic that is to be written. It is crucial to write the best essay within the specified time. How to write a good answer for an essay to score well? How to bring the best out of an essay? Here we have brought easiest tips that can be used while writing an essay in the exam.

Best tips to write a good answer for an essay

1.Understand the question: To write a good answer, it is necessary to understand the question posed. Take up 10 minutes to read the question, understand it and plan on what can be written.
There are various instances where the answer has been written brilliantly but fails or gets lowest grades because the question is misinterpreted. Hence clearly knowing a question is an important aspect.

2.Formulate an answer in your mind: Once the question is understood, an answer for it must be formulated. There must be answers that must be thought of which can be included while writing it for the final version. 
If a rough paper is provided, it must be utilized to jot down certain important points so that they can be utilized while writing an answer.

3.Take a break in between while writing: To produce a high quality essay, having breaks in between is a must. This will allow the mind to relax and have better ideas towards writing a good answer.

4.Plan to write before writing it: The key point is to plan something that is to be executed. While writing a good answer for an essay, it must be planned neatly.

5.Focus on the topic: Care must be taken not to go off the topic while writing an essay. Focusing on the topic is always the mainstream element of an essay.

6.Have all the researched points ready: Before an answer is written, it should be made sure that the points or content has been well-researched.
Some academic essays such as argumentative essay, expository essay must have proper evidence so that they do not confer to wrong information or a fact.

7.Be fearless to place your opinion: An essay should be described in your own words with description, you must be fearless to place your opinions in such cases. The motive of an essay is to inform the readers the facts, information and the opinions which can bring huge change and in a broader sense. 

8.Write with fluency:  It should be noted that there must good vocabulary and fluent use of language that must be adhered to. Writing skills are very important while writing an essay in the exam.

9.Organize your time: It is very essential to organize the time properly to each section. With practice, it can be mastered. There might be chances that only one section of an essay gets high priority while the others are written in a hurry.

10.Answer to the question posed:  The question that is posed must be answered directly without any hustle or confusion. It is very important to frame answer according to the question that is asked.

11.Underline the important keywords: Once an essay is written, it is mandatory to underline or highlight important keywords.
These keywords will help in defining the essay’s content and also mark its important element.

12.Make use of quotations which makes it believable: Adding quotations in an essay will help in making it look more real and will have more impact towards the examiner’s eyes.

13.Give justice to the points equally: Each point that is mentioned in an essay must hold equal importance. Justice must be given to each of them so that it uplifts the quality of it.

14.Review your answers: An essay after being completed must be reviewed, Reviewing it will help in refining its quality and also will have an eagle’s eye on the errors if any.

15.Include illustrations: Illustrations, anecdotes must be included while writing an answer so that they will bring a new dimension to the answer written. 

These are few of the tips that will help you in writing a good answer for an essay in the exam

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