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Thursday, 13 April 2017

How to be a good writer

Planning to become a writer? Here are tips on becoming a good one.

How to keep up with writing?

Being a writer is a blissful thing on the earth. The emotions, feelings and opinions are easily brought out with this form of art. Have you ever been fascinated by the word “writing”? Do you feel the happiness to share what you love by writing it? Then there is every chance for you to become a writer.
Now the question is how to keep with the writing? How to be a good writer? You have come to the right place! Read along to know more.

Learn to learn from fear
The first tip to become a writer is to be fearless; fearless of facing criticism; fearless of being honest and fearless to keep writing. A writer succeeds only when criticism is taken as equal as success.
There are other best traits and tips which will help in making you a better writer. As they say, a writer was not born in a day.

How to become a good writer?

1.Read and write: These are interchangeable words. Without reading, there is no writing and without writing, there is no reading. Good writers always focus on reading book; of different genres.
To write well, it is suggested to read books, analyse them and learn from them. Writing comes habitually to people who read. Once you have the habit of reading, start writing whatever you have read. Documenting what you have learned and experienced is a good way to become a writer.

2.Do not write to impress but write to express: One of the professional tip that can be given to the budding writers is to write for expressing something but not to impress.
Writing is an art and art has always been about expression of talent. Writing evolves only when writers write to express their opinions and emotions.

3.Love the quality of being patient: It takes long time to master an art. Patience is the key factor which helps in keeping up the quality.
While writing, it is important to keep patience. On the road of success, there are many obstacles; similarly for a writer, facing mistakes and criticisms are obstacles but they must be handled well with patience and hard work.

4.Practice, practice: The synonym for success for writers is to practice. Practice makes man perfect.
Writing every day will help in creating the best write-ups.

5.Pay close attention towards your choice of writing: Every writer has his/her own way of writing. They cannot be judged equally. You must learn from each writing style simultaneously paying attention to your own.Comparing and contrasting this way will help in improvising your writing skills.

6.Write down new ideas and prompts every time: One of the best ways to improve writing and thereby becoming a good writer is to write new ideas and prompts.
Developing those ideas and prompts into best write-up should be the main agenda for a writer. Writing different types and different kinds will be the challenging task that every writer should cope up with. 

7.Experiment your writing : The real challenge for a writer is to bring variety into his/her write up. Experimenting with different genres will help in knowing your writing style in a better way.
Switching from horror to romance and to light hearted comedy is the real task which will help in improving the writing skills.

8.Keep an eye on the type of voice: Voice in the writing plays an important role. There are two kinds of voice; active voice and passive voice. Active voice is the most preferable one as it showcases energy and emotion in a direct way.
There are certain cases where passive voice must also be utilized. In such cases, preference must be given to the indirect tone and voice called passive voice. Normally academic writing adopts such style ( but now most of the universities encourage students to use active voice while writing the assignments). 

9.Rewrite an old write-up: This method helps in improving your writing skills. Keep the practice of writing on an everyday basis so that the old ones can be revisited and edited once in a while.

10.Improve your vocabulary: To improve writing, vocabulary must be improved; it is indirectly proportional. Vocabulary of any language has its own importance and greatness; this must be admired and read.
There are several ways to improve vocabulary, follow a similarlink.

11.Choose a calm place to write; set the ambience right: The environment around us affects the writing. Hence choosing a calm place will help in setting the ambience right.Quiet places tend to generate more ideas.

12.Write honestly: Honesty is the key for successful writing. Whenever you are writing, there must be honesty brought which will automatically  reflect in your writing.

13.Give importance every word written: Each word that is written must be given equal importance. Hence words must be learned and perfected.

14.Improve on the grammar but don’t overdo it: Sentence structure, grammar rules are few of the syntaxes available for the creative people. These must be learned religiously as they matter for a good write up.
Care must be taken not to overdo the lessons hampering the creativity.

15.Plan to write: The last that can be given is to plan to write. This is one of the best tips that can be given as a writer must be able to organize the content that has been written.

These are few of the tips that can help you in becoming a better writer. Remember, a struggle for a day will last for a day, but an experience from that struggle will remain for a lifetime. 

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