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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

How to write a synthesis essay

What are the tips to write a synthesis essay?

There are various types of essays available which gives us wealth of information. Such essays can be formal in nature or sometime informal. Some of the examples of formal essays are argumentative essay, process essay, classification essay etc. Some of the examples of informal essays are descriptive essay, narrative essays, personal essay etc.
In this article, we will have a discussion about a type of formal essay called as synthesis essay.

What is synthesis?
Before delving deep into what is synthesis essay, we will find the meaning of synthesis. The meaning of synthesis is to combine different elements to make it as one whole unit. It assembles different set of point of views as one.

What is synthesis essay?
Synthesis essay is a type of formal essay which combines different set of ideas as one in addition to your own opinions. Several sources are referred to collect information for writing a synthesis essay.

Characteristics of synthesis essay
1.Synthesis essay examines related theories
2.It reports information from different sources using of phrases and sentences

Elements of a synthesis essay

1.Thesis statement: After the information is synthesize, it must be organized well to form as a complete essay. Thesis statement is an important element which is a basic necessity while writing it. Thesis statements are set of statements which state the primary idea of an essay and bring about its importance.Here is a link on how to develop a thesis statement

2.Citations and references: Citations and references are the next important elements of an essay. These are required as synthesis essay is all about synthesizing the information available from different authentic sources.

3.Outline for an essay: Before writing an essay, an outline must be created so that it becomes easy to write it. Outlining an essay is a critical aspect which must be created with attention.

4.Transitions between each section: To keep the essay as one, there must be link build between them. Transition between each section is very important. This is achieved by including transitional sentences. 

Best ways to write a synthesis essay

1. Collect resources from reputed sources: The first step towards writing a synthesis essay is to collect information or resources from reputed sources. Several resources will lead to combining the information as one. Synthesizing the information is the most important factor.

2.Prepare an effective thesis statement: As discussed above, thesis statement is very important while writing a synthesis essay. The synthesized information must be utilized to prepare an effective thesis statement.

3.Design a structure for the essay: After preparing thesis statement, the next step is to design the structure of a synthesis essay.
The structure of an essay consists of an introduction section, a body section, and a conclusion section. All the sections must be given the same importance while being written. 

5.Edit your essay:  After drafting an essay, the next step is to edit is properly. Editing an essay allows in breaking the essay into parts to make it easier to correct it; if there are any errors they can be added or additional information which is not required can be discarded.

6.Proofread your essay:  The last stage of the essay is to proofread. Proofreading will allow in rectifying the silliest mistakes which should be corrected.

Example topics to write a synthesis essay

1.Essay on social media

2.Essay on terrorism

3.Essay on racism

4.Essay on nature

5.Essay on immigration

6.Essay on gender discrimination

7.Essay on education

8.Essay on honour killing

9.Essay on health hazards of eating tobacco

10.Essay on artificial engineering

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