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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How to write a two page essay

How to effectively write a two page essay?

Essays generally have a structured format. It is necessary to have a format which helps in properly organizing the collected information. One such type of an essay is a two page essay.
A two page essay is similar to other essay but takes superior quality writing skills to present it. Here are few of the steps given which will help you to effectively write a two page essay.

Elements of a two page essay

1.Hook statements: Hook statements helps in building an essay. It is an important element which makes the readers to hook on to the essay. A sentence or a two in the introductory paragraph of an essay is suggested to be included while writing it.

2.Thesis statements: The purpose of writing thesis statement is to build link within an essay. Each section is very important. Hence it is necessary to have transition between them.
Transitions can be possible with the help of thesis statement. It is very crucial to add transition statement so that an essay becomes more readable.

3.Introduction section: The next important element of an essay is the introduction section. An introduction section must be included so that it brings the importance of the topic into limelight.
It is significant to understand that introduction section must be written only to introduce an essay. The explanation of it must be continued in the next section. This section consists of hook statements and thesis statements.

4.Body section: Body section is considered as the heart of an essay. All the important information, facts, statistics, arguments are included in this section.
The body section must consist of two or more paragraphs. Each paragraph must have subordinate points and its associated arguments.

5.Conclusion section:  The last section of an essay is the conclusion section. This section is very important as it concludes an essay giving it an appropriate end.
A convincing conclusion must be provided so that it supports the essay which is written. Conclusion is very different from writing a summary. Hence the gist of the essay must be written and not just copy the content which is written throughout.

Steps to write a two page essay

1.Research for a topic: To write a two page essay, the first to be followed is to research for a topic. There are several resources available which will help in researching for the topic.
To write a two page essay, it is required to have more content, hence only such topics should be selected which will  have more content to write further.

2.Have an in-depth analysis on the topic: Once a topic is selected, the next significant step is to have an in-depth analysis on the topic. Books, journals, citations must be referred to while researching for the topic.

           3.Organize the researched material: The third step to write a two page essay is to organize the researched material . It also means to structure the essay in a proper manner. His procedure is called the drafting of essay.

4.Put it in a structure: A structure of an essay consists of the elements that are mentioned above; they are introduction section, body section, and conclusion section. These are necessary to write so as to achieve uniformity while presenting information.

5.Know the word limit: Usually essay will not have fixed word limit as it can vary with its different types. It generally is 1000 words when it is a two page essay.

6.Mention the resources or references: If there are resources that are used while researching for a topic, it must be cited. Citations are an important part of the essay which indicates discouragement of plagiarism.

7.Edit your essay: Once drafting of an essay is completed, it must be edited thoroughly. Editing is a stage in essay writing which helps in creating a quality essay. Here is a link to know how to edit an essay.

8.Proofread your essay: The last stage of an essay is to proofread it. Proofreading occurs when all the stages of an essay are completed. It is necessary to have a last check on the write-up. This is done to  make sure that there are silly errors which will have a huge cost on the quality of it.

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